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Intellectual Property Law embraces the law relating to patents, trademarks, registered designs, copyright and unlawful competition (passing-off of trade secrets). It also includes litigation, licensing and franchising.


Abramson LFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Alberts WAssociateUniversity of JohannesburgTrademark
Androliakos NStudentKisch IPTrademark
Apostolidis AFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Axelson JFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Bacon BFellowBrian Bacon IncPatent
Bagnall RFellowAdams & AdamsPatent
Ball TFellowBrian Bacon IncPatent
Baravelle UFellowKisch IPPatent
Barnett JStudentKisch IPTrademark
Behan TFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Berdou BFellowBerdou AttorneysTrademark
Bertasso DFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Biagio DFellowSpoor & FisherPatent
Biermann HFellowEdward Nathan SonnenbergsTrademark
Bierman RFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Biggar NFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Blignaut HFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Bond NFellowKisch IPTrademark
Bordelia LStudentEversheds (SA) IncTrademark
Bothma CFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Bourne GFellowKisch IPTrademark
Bouwer DFellowBouwers IncTrademark
Bouwer GFellowWF Bouwer AttorneysTrademark
Bredenkamp KFellowBredenkamp AttorneysPatent
Britz WFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Brown CMFellowVon SeidelsTrademark
Brown KEFellowSpoor & FisherPatent
Brown SAssociateAdams & AdamsTrademark
Bruwer NFellowPrivateTrademark
Budeli GStudentAdams & AdamsTrademark
Bugwandeen-Doorasamy MFellowEdward Nathan SonnenbergsTrademark
Bull CAssociateEdward Nathan SonnenbergsTrademark
Burger PFellowBurger Law IncTrademark
Burrell TD (Dr)Fellow (Retired PP)BurrellsTrademark & Patent
Buthelezi ZFellowKisch IPTrademark
Capazario MAssociateDyason AttorneysTrademark
Castleman AFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Chellan CStudentKisch IPTrademark
Chetty NFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Cilliers L FellowSpoor & FisherPatent
Clelland SFellowVon SeidelsPatent
Cochrane DFellowSpoor & FisherPatent
Coertzen MFellowKisch IPTrademark
Conley TFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Copeling SFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Courtney JStudentKisch IPTrademark
Couzyn ACFellow (Retired PP)Retired Past PresidentTrademark
Cowley SAssociateCowley Incorporated Attorneys targetTrademark
Coxwell JFellowEdward Nathan SonnenbergsPatent
Crease VStudentBrian Bacon IncTrademark
Cronjé JFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Dam KAssociateKisch IPTrademark
Davies JFellowAdams & AdamsPatent
Davis TFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
De Beer DFellowEversheds (SA) IncPatent
De Beer EFellowDe Beer AttorneysTrademark
de Bruin EFellowMacRobert IncorporatedTrademark
De Kock EFellowDe Kock AttorneysTrademark
De Villiers BFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Dean OH Dr.Fellow (Past President)Spoor & FisherTrademark
Delport PFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Dessington AJLFellowDessington & AssociatesPatent
Dickenson RFellowKisch IPTrademark
Dijkstra IFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Dlamini RFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Dlamini VFellowKisch IPTrademark
Dohmen DFellowAdams & AdamsPatent
Dollie AFellowSasolPatent
Donald HFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Doubell TFellowBouwers IncPatent
Doussy JAssociateStegmanns IncorporatedTrademark
Du Plessis AFellowBurger Law IncTrademark
Du Plessis AJFellowSpoor & FisherPatent
Du Plessis EFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Du Plessis GFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Du Plessis IAssociateEdward Nathan SonnenbergsTrademark
Du Plessis MFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Du Plooy MStudentBrian Bacon IncTrademark
Du Preez JAssociateAdams & AdamsTrademark
Du Preez TFellowDu Preez AttorneysTrademark & Patent
Du Toit GEFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Du Toit MFellowMike du Toit AttorneysTrademark
Dundas NDAssociateDundas ConsultingTrademark
Dyer AFellow (Retired PP)Spoor & FisherPatent
Els AAssociateBouwers IncTrademark
Engelbrecht MFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Engelbreg AFellowKisch IPPatent
Esterhuizen MFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Ferguson VFellowKisch IPTrademark
Ferreira SFellow (Retired PP)Adams & AdamsPatent
Fiandeiro JFellowAdams & AdamsPatent
Findlay LFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Forster RFellowEdward Nathan SonnenbergsPatent
Fourie WStudentAdams & AdamsTrademark
Frank FStudentKisch IPTrademark
Frizelle L AssociateEdward Nathan SonnenbergsTrademark
Fynn MStudentKisch IPTrademark
Galvad JFellowAdams & AdamsPatent
Gamieldien Singh SFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Ganto MStudentAdams & AdamsTrademark
Gardiner S (Dr)FellowWerksmans AttorneysTrademark
Gasela BStudentKisch IPTrademark
Gaxo MStudentAdams & AdamsTrademark
Gcaba NFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Giliomee LFellowVon SeidelsTrademark
Gilson DGFellowSpoor & FisherPatent
Goedhals JFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Goldberg SLFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Goosen KStudentKisch IPTrademark
Govender SFellowNorton Rose FulbrightTrademark
Govender TFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Grant T FellowSpoor & FisherPatent
Griffiths GFellowKisch IPTrademark
Griffiths WFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Gunter R FellowGunter AttorneysPatent
Haigh CStudentKisch IPTrademark
Halstead MFellowCounselTrademark
Hamid MFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Hanekom DStudentSpoor & FisherTrademark
Haupt PFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Haworth NFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Healy DFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Heathcote MStudentKisch IPTrademark
Hemmonsbey RAssociateSpoor & FisherTrademark
Hickman NFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Hoffeler CFellowSmit & Van Wyk AttorneysTrademark
Hollesen JFellowWerksmans AttorneysTrademark
Hollis SFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Honey EEFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Hooper ARLFellow (Retired PP)Spoor & FisherTrademark
Hopf J FellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Indicula AMFellowTecnology Innovation CentreTrademark
Ismail CFellowEdward Nathan SonnenbergsTrademark
Jones TFellowKisch IPTrademark
Jonker EStudentSmit & Van Wyk AttorneysTrademark
Joseph RAFellowVon SeidelsPatent
Joubert LFellowKisch IPTrademark
Kabini AFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Kagisho MFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Kahn CGFellowSpoor & FisherPatent
Kelbrick RAAssociateUnisa Law FacultyTrademark
Kemp M FellowSpoor & FisherPatent
Khader MAFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Khan SFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Khechane NFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Kitchen KFellowKisch IPTrademark
Kleyn MMFellowOro Agri (Pty) LtdPatent
Koegelenberg HOrdinaryIPS (International) LtdTrademark
Koster BHFellowVon SeidelsTrademark & Patent
Kotzé GFellowAdams & AdamsPatent
Krüger AFellowKisch IP (Past President)Patent
Kruger RFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Labuschagne FJ AssociateSpoor & FisherTrademark
Laing SFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Lam KFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Lamont MStudentSpoor & FisherTrademark
Lamprecht JFellow (Retired PP)Kisch IP (Past President)Patent
Landman FFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Lawrance VFellowHahn & HahnTrademark
Le Roux CFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Le Roux MFellow (Retired PP)Kisch IP (Past President)Patent
Le Roux SFellowSmit & Van Wyk AttorneysTrademark
Learmonth IFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Legge DFellowVon SeidelsTrademark
Lewis AFellow (Retired)Adams & AdamsPatent
Lister BFellowBruce Lister IncTrademark
Lombard PStudentKisch IPTrademark
Lopes PFellowSibanda & ZantwijkTrademark
Lowne-Hughes LAssociateKisch IPTrademark
Luvhimbi DFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Mackenzie CFellowAdams & AdamsPatent
Magagula LFellowNorton Rose FulbrightTrademark
Makhutle LStudentSpoor & FisherTrademark
Malherbe KAssociateEdward Nathan SonnenbergsTrademark
Mann MSAssociateSpoor & FisherTrademark
Marais CStudentAdams & AdamsTrademark
Maré A JFellowAspen PharmacareTrademark
Margo DFellowMargo Attorneys IncPatent
Marriott DFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Marsicano DFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Masetla-Mafa MFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Mc Ivor P JAssociateSpoor & FisherTrademark
McIlwaine-Hill LAssociateKisch IPTrademark
McKnight JFellowSpoor & FisherPatent
Melamdowitz HFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Meyer AFellowSpruson & FergusonPatent
Mhangwane CFellowSpoor & FisherPatent
Miti LStudentWerksmans AttorneysTrademark
Moerdijk MFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Mohamed SFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Mohunlal NStudentKisch IPTrademark
Momberg DFellowKisch IPTrademark
Moodie S CFellowVon SeidelsTrademark
Moran Lie-PazStudentKisch IPTrademark
Mostert LFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Mostert LAFellowWebber WentzelTrademark
Moubray HFellowSpoor & FisherPatent
Mpalweni VStudentBouwers IncTrademark
Msimang NStudentAdams & AdamsTrademark
Mthombeni JFellowSasol BPKTrademark
Muller RStudentEdward Nathan SonnenbergsTrademark
Muscat PFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Myburg FStudentAdams & AdamsTrademark
Myburgh AFFellowLenz Caemmerer, SwitzerlandTrademark
Myburgh LFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Nagindas KFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Naicker YStudentSpoor & FisherTrademark
Naidoo AStudentKisch IPTrademark
Naidu YStudentWebber WentzelTrademark
Nalla TFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Nayanah AFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Ndungane OStudentSpoor & FisherTrademark
Nene RStudentEdward Nathan SonnenbergsTrademark
Nhemachena TAssociateEversheds (SA) IncTrademark
Norton RJFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Nunes RFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Oberholster A StudentNorton Rose FulbrightTrademark
Olivier D TFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Oosthuizen DFellowSwart AttorneysTrademark
Papadopoulos AFellowKisch IPTrademark
Payne CFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Pemberton NStudentVon SeidelsTrademark
Perumall AStudentAdams & AdamsTrademark
Phillips TLStudentBouwers IncTrademark
Pienaar DFellowAdams & AdamsPatent
Pienaar JFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Pillay SFellowMSNTrademark
Pillay NStudentAdams & AdamsTrademark
Pillay UStudentAdams & AdamsTrademark
Pillay VFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Pistorius TAssociateUnisa Law FacultyTrademark
Pla-Pillans PFellowAdams & AdamsPatent
Pluke SJFellowEversheds (SA) IncTrademark
Potgieter CFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Pretorius AFellowVon SeidelsTrademark
Pretorius TFellowKisch IPTrademark
Prinsloo HFellowVon SeidelsTrademark
Prozesky TFellowMassmart Pty LtdTrademark
Prozesky WFellowAdams & AdamsPatent
Rabie AJStudentKisch IPTrademark
Rademeyer MFellowMacallum Rademeyer & FreimondTrademark
Raghunandan S FellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Ramara PPFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Rasool BFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Reimers MFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Renegecas TFellowMacRobert AttorneysTrademark
Richardson RFellowDMR AttorneysTrademark
Richardson RFellowKisch IPTrademark
Rickelman KAssociateSpoor & FisherTrademark
Robertson TLFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Rodgerson KStudentAdams & AdamsTrademark
Rogers HAssociateAdams & AdamsTrademark
Ross LFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Rosslee NFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Salmon O Adv.FellowCounselTrademark
Sawyer MFellowVon SeidelsTrademark
Schweizer AVRFellow (Retired PP)Retired Past PresidentPatent
Schönborn MFellowVon SeidelsTrademark
Scorer MFellowAspen PharmaceuticalsTrademark
Scott GCAssociateEdward Nathan SonnenbergsTrademark
Serrurier LFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Shabangu TFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Shadrach LFellowShadrach AttorneysTrademark
Shaik KFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Shapiro CFellowWCIS AttorneysTrademark
Sheppard DFellow (Retired PP)Retired Past PresidentPatent
Shreef WFellowFairbridges AttorneysTrademark
Sibanda MFellowSibanda & ZantwijkTrademark
Signorelli LFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Sikwane RFellowEdward Nathan SonnenbergsTrademark
Singh NFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Singh SStudentEdward Nathan SonnenbergsTrademark
Skinner AFellowBerdou AttorneysTrademark
Slabbert C (Dr)Fellow (Retired PP)Retired Past PresidentTrademark
Smit LFellowSmit AttorneysTrademark
Smit MAssociateMargo Attorneys IncTrademark
Smit NFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Smith AFellow (Retired PP)Adams & AdamsTrademark
Smith CFellowSmit & Van Wyk AttorneysTrademark
Sokhela ZStudentAdams & AdamsTrademark
Southwood FFellowAdvocate ChambersTrademark
Speres JFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Stephens JFellowKisch IPTrademark
Steyn JCAssociateSteyn IncTrademark
Steyn LFellowVon SeidelsTrademark
Steyn WFellowEdward Nathan SonnenbergsTrademark
Stilwell VLFellowKisch IPTrademark
Strachan DFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Stroh FStudentKisch IPTrademark
Strutt CMFellowVon SeidelsPatent
Suliman AFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Swanepoel J-HFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Swanepoel MFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Swart DAssociateSwart AttorneysTrademark
Tanziani DFellowAdams & AdamsPatent
Taylor KAssociateNipmoTrademark
Theunissen JFellowKisch IPTrademark
Thiart JJAssociateSpoor & FisherTrademark
Thilivali LFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Thompson KFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Tomlinson AAssociateVon SeidelsTrademark
Tra LStudentPrivateTrademark
Triebel JFellowBrian Bacon IncTrademark
Truluck CFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Truter JTFellow (Retired PP)Retired Past PresidentPatent
Truter KCFellowBrian Bacon IncPatent
Tucker RStudentRyan Tucker AttorneysTrademark
Vally MFellowMViP AttorneysPatent
Van Dalsen SAssociateSpoor & FisherTrademark
Van der Merwe AFellowKisch IP (Past President)Trademark & Patent
Van der Merwe MJFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Van der Merwe WFellowKisch IPTrademark
Van der Vyver E WFellowVon SeidelsPatent
Van der Walt LFellowAdams & AdamsPatent
Van Dyk FStudentSpoor & FisherTrademark
Van Dyk LMFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Van Harmelen JFellowEdward Nathan SonnenbergsTrademark
Van Niekerk RRFellowVon SeidelsPatent
Van Rooy AFellowKisch IPPatent
Van Rooyen CCH FellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Van Schalkwyk HFellowSpoor & FisherPatent
Van Wyk EAssociateSpoor & FisherTrademark
Van Wyk L JFellowSpoor & FisherPatent
Van Wyk WFellowSmit & Van Wyk AttorneysPatent
van Zantwijk AFellowSibanda & ZantwijkPatent
Van Zyl CFellowDennemeyer & AssociatesTrademark
Van Zyl PFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Vermuelen MStudentKisch IPPatent
Versfeld BFellowWebber WentzelTrademark
Visagie JFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Visagie PFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Visser PRFellowSasol BPKPatent
Vollier SFellowVon SeidelsPatent
Von Seidel MFellowVon SeidelsPatent
Waldeck CFellowWaldeck AttorneysPatent
Webster CEFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
Webster GCFellow (Retired PP)Retired Past PresidentTrademark
Wegierski DAssociateWerksmans AttorneysTrademark
Welthagen DFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Wepener PFellowKisch IPPatent
West JFellowSpoor & FisherTrademark
West KEFellowPrivate (UK)Trademark
Weyers JStudentAdams & AdamsTrademark
Whittaker JDFellowSpoor & FisherPatent
Wiers RStudentAdams & AdamsTrademark
Williams AFellowNorton Rose FulbrightTrademark
Wimpey BFellowBredenkamp IPTrademark
Wojtowitz CJFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Wolmarans JStudentKisch IPTrademark
Wolvaardt FAssociateSpoor & FisherTrademark
Wright NFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
Yeates SFellowAdams & AdamsTrademark
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