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“Please be advised that Sword South Africa (Pty) Ltd will launch the upgraded IP Online version on 30 January 2019. This is an upgrade from Version 2  to the new IP Online Version 3 and includes the following enhanced functionalities:
  1. Smart consolidated searching from a single portal for (Trade Marks, Patents, Copyright and Design)
  2. Optimized security and access control features
  3. Extended search and results functionality
  4. Addition of Copyright search (*new feature on the IP Online Portal)
  5. Synchronisation of all IP functionality, “filing, searching, viewing, downloading and advertising/ publishing” from one universal platform
This is in line with our product and services framework and we trust that these benefits will translate into greater operational efficiency for internal and external stakeholders. For any queries or issues please contact Sword SA functional support or log a query on the CIPC Query resolution system. The implementation will be accompanied by clear notice and instructions to all users. Thank you for your indulgence. Sword SA Product Development and Support

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